Politicians about Trendsetter and the future


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Policy report that inspires improvement


Five European cities have improved their traffic situation and environment by working together in over 50 different sub-projects. After a four-year EU collaboration, Graz, Lille, Pécs, Prague and Stockholm show how both radical and simple solutions can make a big change for urban environment.

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Trendsetter a success story


Trendsetter shows the way to a better urban environment. Better communications, cleaner air and smarter traffic solutions. That is the closing statement of Trendsetter - a four-year EU collaboration between five European cities which is concluded in January 2006.

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We have reached our goals

Look at our results in figures

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Trendsetter final evaluation reports

» Access Restrictions

» Integrated Pricing Strategies

» Public Transport

» New Forms of Vehicle Use

» Goods Distribution

» Soft Measures

» Transport Management

» Clean Vehicles and Fuels






Civitas stands for sustainability


With the CIVITAS Initiative, the EC aims to generate a decisive breakthrough by supporting and evaluating the implementation of ambitious integrated sustainable urban transport strategies...

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