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Bus fleet in Graz turns 100 percent biodiesel
Gerhard Ablasser - Biodiesel bus in Graz
Bus travellers in Graz know it as "Ökodrive", as in ecological driving. A Trendsetter project has helped the City of Graz to quickly turn the city bus fleet into running on 100 % biodiesel fuel. "By the beginning of next year we will have no more fossil fuel buses," says Gerhard Ablasser, deputy chief of the Graz office for urban development and town preservation. [link2822:» Read more]
Clean Vehicle leading practitioners gathered in Stockholm
Mikael Röhr - Chat at the conference
A great number of Trendsetter and Civitas projects were presented at the first international Clean Vehicles and Fuels 04 conference and exhibition in Stockholm in June. "This is an important conference. I'm glad that you’ve had such good media coverage," said Sweden’s Minister for the Environment, Lena Sommestad, speaking at the conference. The event covered three full days in early June with many visitors, some 60 seminars and 20 exhibitors. [link2823:» Read more]
Large-scale introduction of biogas buses in Lille
Authorities in Lille are increasing the use of biogas. Within two years, Lille Metropole will have 100 new gas buses and a new waste treatment plant where fermenting organic household waste will produce biogas for a big bus fleet. The total bus fleet of Lille Metropole is 311, of which 128 are gas buses, with a further delivery before the summer of 2005. The city has recently invited tenders and will decide in the autumn on a supplier of 100–150 new buses within the next three years. "In Lille we have worked with gas buses since 1990. It took a long time to involve manufacturers and to convince partners to actively participate, but as gas buses have been introduced the process becomes easier," says Yves Baesen, in charge of procurement of buses at Lille Metropole. [link2824:» Read more]
In brief...
Satisfied dustmen in Stockholm [link2825:» Read more]
School project promotes active life [link2825:» Read more]
Results of the first Civitas Technical Workshop [link2825:» Read more]

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Bus fleet in Graz turns 100 percent biodiesel

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No. 3, Nov 2004

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