Lille operators builds Intermodality nodes


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A little bit of convenience can go a long way. People will flock to public transportation if it is easy getting to stations and changing from buses to trains. And it helps if you do not risk your life crossing the street to the train station.
Planning the areas around train stations is crucial. In the town of Armentières not far from Lille, a partnership with the authorities and the transport operators are transforming Place de la Gare.
“The existing situation in Armentières isn’t working,” says Yves Baesen from Lille Metropole, transport and planning department. “The node is very important to facilitate intermodal travel. The train then becomes a competitive alternative to the car. The car trip from Armentières to Lille should take only 15–20 minutes, but during rush hour it can take an hour and a half or two hours,” Yves Baesen says.
   He points out the dangers for pedestrian crossing streets, insufficient parking space, bus stops scattered in the whole neighbourhood, and a haphazard drop zone for cars leaving or picking up passengers. The old and ugly station area was ready for an extreme make-over.
The project will create stations for buses and taxis right next to the railway station, as well as parking for cars and bicycles. The drop zone and handicapped parking will be modernized and pedestrian walks will be enlarged and made safer. And car traffic will be directed one way around the city block in front of the station.
   Armentières is only the first of five projects. Lille Metropole is also preparing similar improvement in towns close-by, namely Don-Sainghin, La Bassee, Seclin and Villeneuve d’Ascq Pont de Bois.
After the make-over operation, Armentières will not only present a new and beautiful face to a surprised community. It will also be highly functional and convenient.
Yves Baesen, Public Transport Department
+33 3 20 21 29 01.


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