New trends in urban transportation policy in Pécs



Pecs, as a middlesized new member state city participates in Trendsetter with soft measures and some tasks, which do not require largescale infrastructural developments. In the framework of the project a new parking concept and an inner city carfree zone has been introduced in Pecs in 2003.
The achievements and the efforts of the Civitas cities – observed by Pécs – resulted a completely new attitude and emphasis on public transportation development in Pécs. In 2004 numeruous initiatives have been started as additional measures to the Trendsetter objectives to improve the environmental situation in the inner city.
The public transportation company has investigated the GPS systems in other cities and decided to install a system, which prevents bus congestions and delays in the city. One third of the buses in Pécs now communicate with the centre and their route and timing can be modified during operation. The system will in the future inform the passengers in the bus stops about the expected arrival time of the buses. In addition to this, the public transportation company has decided to modernize the whole fleet, which results an eight year drop in the average age of the fleet by 2010.
As the demand for changing the structure of transportation policy and planning has increased radically in the previous years, a new inner city transportation policy has been elaborated in Pécs. This envisages a shift from the present system of buses to trams running on tyres – which do not require tracks, only high-voltage overhead
lines – in 10-15 years. The new policy closes the whole inner city for private cars and makes Pécs a liveable city, contributing to Pécs´ chances to become Europe´s cultural capital 2010.
Peter Merza, Pécs City Development
Department, +36 72 515 937.


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