Stockholm goes for biogas buses


In the summer of 2004, Stockholm put 21 biogas buses on the streets of the Swedish capital. In four years time, a total of 120 biogas buses will have replaced all of the dieseldriven buses. This will be one of Stockholms biggest environmental efforts to date and will add to the existing 250 ethanol buses.
Gas bus in evening light

The new busses have extremely clean emissions, run quietly and meet all EU demands for clean vehicles. Their cost-effectiveness is high, almost rivalling diesel, according to calculations made by the operator, Stockholm Transport (SL). Most importantly, they release no carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas offender.
The vehicles run on sludge from one of the city’s wastewater treatment plants. This eliminates the need for fuel transports since the gas is delivered by pipeline straight from the treatment plant. The problem today is that the city cannot produce enough biogas for all the buses. To reach the city’s goal of powering the entire bus fleet with renewable energy, ethanol remains a viable source. SL is collaborating with other interested parties on a deal to buy a large number of ethanol-powered buses. Of the biogas-driven vehicles, half are from Swedish Volvo, half from German MAN.
“We’re completely uninterested in fossil gas as long as there are renewable sources available, both liquid and as gas,” says Jonas Strömberg, SL’s environmental manager. “We aim to run on 100 percent renewable fuels.”
Jonas Strömberg, Stockholm Transport (SL)
+46 8 686 14 50.


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