A bus designed for Pragues narrow streets



The public transport system in the City of Prague has a big problem. The narrow streets and other transport limitations makes it is impossible to use standard public transport buses in certain areas.
After a design study, negotiations between the public transport company, City districts Prague 1, Prague 2 and City Hall Transport department a public competition of tenders on new vehicles was launched. A small bus suited for the narrow streets was needed. By april 2003 the Citybus line No. 291 was in service.
The first evaluations of the City-bus system has shown that the new line serves very good, and is very popular, for the people in the city centre area and for people which need comfortable public transport to hospitals located here. After discussions with the users of this line a new stop has been installed and the public transport company has received several suggestions to open new City-bus lines.
Zdenek Suta, Prague City Hall, Department of Transport Development. +420 2 2448 4251.


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