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Public transport, an entertaining destination i Graz

Musiker på buss Graz

In Graz public transport itself is an entertainment destination, the scene of action for events.
   This includes events like the magician tramway and the flirt tramway. Supported by information and public awareness campaigns, target group oriented offers such as free day-tickets for new residents and a web-based door-to-door travel planner, such events are part of the over-all work to enhance the quality of public transport.
   Positive associations to public transport are important to ensure that existing customers continue using PT and to make new travellers find the possibilities with public transport.
Martin Bauer, Stadt Graz,
+43 316 8723513,

Lille increases Public Transport Security

Many people feel uneasy or even anxious when travelling by public transport. Lille is working on a plan to improve security for public transport passengers and staff with the help of ”friendly agents” in the subway and on buses and trains.
   The friendly agents, as well as drivers and other public transport staff, will have modern communication equipment ensuring quick
and efficient response in emergency situations. The communication system will include transport operators’ emergency vehicles as well
as the police. Since the system registers the location of vehicles, it will also provide passengers with information about reasons for a delay and steps being taken to fix the problem.
   The security plan aims to reduce intervention times in emergency situations and to raise the attractiveness of public transport. This will help to achieve the overall goal of a 30 percent increase
in public transport passengers in Lille by 2004.
More information:
Yves Baesen
Public Transport Department
+33 3 20 21 29 01

Travel Guarantee in Stockholm

In year 2000, the Public Transport Authority in Stockholm (SL) decided to attract new customers as well as keep the old by their experience of satisfaction, travelling with SL. To attain that
aim SL started a project called Travel Guarantee.
   The customers are guaranteed compensation for expenses in connection with taxi trips if and when the public transport fails and delays the customer 20 minutes or more. This offer was initially available for customers using the Underground.
   Throughout the years passed, the guarantee has become a part of the operational work and covers all means of transport. The amount of compensation is increased from 200 to 400 SEK and the guarantee also comprises all groups of customers, i.a. disabled with special needs. The guarantee gives SL a yearly cost of 3-4 millions and a goodwill worth much more!

Shorter waits with new priority system

Stockholm is testing a sophisticated new priority system for buses.
   The Streets and Real Estate Administration’s new system adapts to
traffic circumstances as they occur. Selected street crossings have sensors that visualize the current traffic buildup.
   When your vehicle enters a test zone, the sensors may give you a green light at the next junction. But the following set of lights may prioritize heavier traffic on the cross street, or a bus, which always gets priority. The system checks how many vehicles leave the zone and computes how heavy traffic is at any given time.
   Large volumes of information are continuously being computed and the system continually assesses how various combinations of red and green lights will affect waiting times.
   The system allows for shorter cycles of red-green light and thereby smootherrunning traffic and shorter waiting time for cyclists pedestrians. The trial will concluded shortly.
More information:
Tobias Johansson,
Stockholm Real Estate Traffic Administration
+46 8 508 26 656

A smart Master Card?

One day soon, banks may become very interested in the data bases that transportation companies collect with their passengers’ travelling patterns.
   When smart card technology is introduced in public transport the detailed data available will be immense.
   “Transport operators can say to banks: ’I can enrich your data base with information from transport patterns’,” says André-Jacques
Selezneff, vice president of MasterCard Europe.
   Multiple use of transport smart cards can give opportunities for cooperation between banks and transport operators already before the
end of the decade. The cards can also double as e-purses when banks try to reduce the use of cash.
   André-Jacques Selezneff hopes it will be the start of a beautiful friendship.


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