Integrated Mobility Centre in Graz


In the new integrated mobility centre in Graz you will find, among other things, Touchscreen internet information terminals with real time information and access to the door-to-door information, ticket services and distribution for bus drivers and retail shops, bus rental services and a bicycle service station.
The Mobility Centre is situated right on the main public transport square of Graz, where there are 110.000 changeovers per day and where all tram lines of Graz and 15 buslines have their stops. Moreover, the integrated mobility centre will be fully accessible for handicapped persons and have full travel agency services. Mobil Zentral, the first Austrian
   Mobility centre, provided integrated information service, but was separate from services provided by GVB and Post-bus-lines. GVB and Post also sold special tickets that for technical reasons could not be sold at Mobil Zentral. Knowledge about the three different service organisations were marketed separately and in peak times, an increasing number of calls were lost due to overload.
   The new setup will integrate computer systems and services, joint schooling of personnel, joint marketing, better distribution of the work load, internalised and therefore more effective information management.


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No 5, June 2005

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Integrated Mobility Centre in Graz

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