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Attractive cities causes congestion, Traffic Management brings relief

Many European cities suffers from congestion when commuters, many of them by car, enters the city centre by car. Intergrated Traffic Management Systems are being developed to bring relief.

Its all about data

MOTION, MATRIX, TUC, FCD, GPS, ISA ...all these somehow enigmatic tokens tend to achieve the improvement of traffic flow. These systems consider traffic as a kind of huge organism in which every “cell“ is constantly moving. The crucial point is to collect data, to draw a conclusion and to pass the results on to the traffic participants.
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Online traffic data for reduced travel times in Stockholm

Reduced travel time is probaly one of the key-words within the discussions about mobility, traffic management and how to improve it. In Stockholm an advanced project is reducing travel times, by providing real time traffic information.

200 taxis as traffic observers in Graz

200 vehicles of a local taxi fleet are acting as permanent traffic oberservers and deliverers of data for accurate traffic management. The advantage? They are already driving and are a good complement in the collection of data and localisation of where
the problems are.

The DRIPs in Rotterdam gives the driver a choice!

The Rotterdam ring road is frequently affected by congestion and incidents. On-line information signs now informs the drivers about the actual situation and alternative routes, thereby lessen the pressure. On five main urban roads, leading to the highways around Rotterdam, Dynamic Route Information Panels (DRIPs) now informs the road users about the actual situation and the best choice of way.
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No 5, June 2005

No 4, May 2005

It’s all about data

The DRIPs in Rotterdam gives the driver a choice!

Attractive cities causes congestion

Online traffic data for reduced travel times

200 taxis as traffic observers

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