Attractive cities causes congestion - Traffic Management brings reflief


Graz is in some ways a typical midsize European city, with 230.000 inhabitants, 70.000 commuters, 50.000 of them enter the city by car. And with a medieval city center with narrow streets.

On the one hand these figures show the attractiveness of Graz as a main business location in the region, on the other hand the problems caused by this
daily commuter fl ow are obvious: congestion, noise, particulate matter, not to mention the physical and psychical stresses and strains for the drivers.
– At the moment emissions exceed the limits, alternative routes are not indicated and there is no coordination between traffi c systems, explains Winfried Höpfl , responsible for the traffic management in the Styrian capital.
– We are now working to eliminate these citycenter
The aim is to install an Advanced Intergrated Traffi c Management System – a challenging goal for sure but Graz seems somehow to be predestinated for the realization of such an ambitious project: after all the city looks back on a fine tradition of remarkable measures which started


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No 5, June 2005

No 4, May 2005

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Attractive cities causes congestion

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