Online traffic data for reduced travel times in Stockholm


Travel time, probaly one of the key-words within the discussions about mobility, traffic management and how to improve it. Travel time, or better, reduced travel time, is of interest for everybody participating in traffic, whatever the purpose of the journey might be. In Stockholm an advanced project is reducing travel times, by providing real time traffic information.

Modern Transport Systems are not only intended to move people and things from one location to another. They also generate information that can be used for many decisions. This wider notion of the term is the starting point for the Stockholm project.
- The thing is to get the traffi c related data and process it in a proper way, says Alf Peterson from the Swedish National Road Administration. The collection of data reverts to the whole bandwith of possible informants: from the traditional sources such as traffi c signals, cameras, loop detectors as well as from modern instruments such as reports brought up by GPS-eqipped vehiclesand data from taxi or other commercial fleets. This smorgasbord of data is afterward processed into reliable travel information that is distributed to the Stockholm Traffi c Management Center and its partners such as radio stations that broadcast the information to the audience.
The distribution to the end user is effected by several communications tools such as digital traffic signs on the motorways that indicate current travel times or recommended speed limitations. One of the most exciting tools of the system is which displays the actual traffic information in the Stockhol area. One of the main advantages: This sophisticated web solution does not only work stationary but also with mobile devices like a PDA.
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No 5, June 2005

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