The DRIPs in Rotterdam gives the driver a choice!


The Rotterdam ring road is frequently affected by congestion and incidents. On-line information signs now informs the drivers about the actual situation and alternative routes, thereby lessen the pressure.

On five main urban roads, leading to the highways around Rotterdam, Dynamic Route Information Panels (DRIPs) now informs the road users about the actual situation and the best choice of way.
The project, a cooperation between the City of Rotterdam and the road authorities, gives the drivers the choice of follow the Ring Rotterdam either left or right ways. One of the fi ve DRIPs is positioned on the Vaanweg, and informs the drivers about the routes to the south of the country and the route to the Harbour.

The recent evaluation showed that the DRIPs do have a quantitative impact. The congestion length has diminished due to road users change of routes, and naturally the impact is most visible during the morning peak, or the evening peak. A questionnaire, answered by the road users, shows that he information is readable, understandable,
trusted and appreciated by the drivers. Nearly haft of the road users that really have a choice is prepared to change the route
based on the information on the DRIPs. The informationsystem also helps to decrease the number of rat runners, which is a problem caused by congestion and incidents.

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No 5, June 2005

No 4, May 2005

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The DRIPs in Rotterdam gives the driver a choice!

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