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Smart logistics turn five lorries into one

Environmental concern has been important from the very first day in the building process of Hammarby Sjöstad, a new part of central Stockholm. When completed the old dock area will have more than 20 000 new inhabitants in 9 000 apartments. Tenants are moving in as soon as apartments are ready, which puts a lot of pressure on transports to the on-going construction-work.

Goods distribution the smooth way in Graz

Necessity is the mother of invention. Even with regard to the distribution of goods this saying sometimes turns out to be true. Best example: the city of Graz where necessity was the moving power for the establishment of a completely new logistic system.

First City Logistic Centre in Britain scores success

The Freight Consolidating Scheme in Broadmead, Bristols busy shopping area, has been very well received by the retailers and the transport industry. The retailers are already very happy with the improved services and delivery times. More value added services are going to generate better future revenues. Vehicle mileage is reduced by 65 percent for the retailers involved. More than 20 000 vehicle kilometres saved.

New ideas of transport save Stockholm Old Town

A logistic centre in a terminal building spares the narrow alleys of Stockholm Old Town more than 20 000 transports every year.

Who owns the emissions?

From our point of view, the customer owns the emissions. But it is our responsibility to educate the customer to use more environmentally friendly transports, says Ulf Hammarberg of DHL, Göteborg.

Redesigned tool for Cleaner city air

New, enlarged environmental zones with redesigned criteria is the goal for the three major Swedish cities in 2006. The access restrictions for heavy transports in Göteborg already has reduced some emissions in the city center up to 50 percent, says Anders Roth, at the citys Traffic and Public Transport Authority

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No 5, June 2005

Smooth goods distribution in Graz

Five lorries in one

Success in Bristol

New ideas i Old Town, Stockholm

Who owns the emissions?

Open dialogue essential

Environmental zones for cleaner city air

In Brief

No 4, May 2005

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