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Sticks and Carrots necessary

Photo: Helene Carlsson
What is important for the success of environmental zones, and how can we introduce effective transport management? One thing is clear: It’s impossible to create a sustainable transport future without political commitment and a “can do” attitude.
Read more about practical experience from leading cities in Europe participating in a Trendsetter workshop in Prague in May. [link1409:» Read more]

An Italian in every Dane

Photo: Lars Gemzoe
As parts of central Copenhagen gradually have been transformed to strolling zones the Danes have discovered a new quality of life:
“Originally, we Danes didn’t know how nice it was to sit in the streets,” the danish architect Lars Gemzøe recalls. “Now, we have discovered that there is an Italian in everyone of us.” [link1410:» Read more]

Success in Rome and London

Since the introduction of congestion charing in London in february this year traffic in central London has decreased by 17 percent and buses are, on average, going 20 percent faster. [link1411:» Read more]
Rome has a paid access system with 22 gates protecting an area of 5 square kilometres in Rome’s historic centre.
“In the beginning some technical problems have been encountered,” Chiara di Maio, from ATAC recalls. “now, these problems have been solved. It has become much nicer to walk in Rome’s centre, and also local shopkeepers seem to be satisfied.” [link1412:» Read more]

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Cities might be obliged to buy clean vehicles in the future
Clean vehicles almost 2% market share in Sweden
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No 5, June 2005

No 4, May 2005

It’s all about data

The DRIPs in Rotterdam gives the driver a choice!

Attractive cities causes congestion

Online traffic data for reduced travel times

200 taxis as traffic observers

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