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Introducing clean vehicles and fuels and gathering, processing and presenting trasport data are two important tasks of Trendsetter Stockholm. The aim is to help companies, organisations and citizens to find sustainable transport alternatives.
Per Westergård - Citytraffic Stockholm

Stockholm has the political support for making its transport system even more environmentally compatible by substituting conventional vehicles with clean ones and making logistic services more effective. More effective and attractive public transport means combined with intelligent traffic information techniques are other important fields.
The biggest problems today include an increasing number of vehicles, congestion on many principal roads, heavy duty traffic, limited rail track capacity and a low cycling frequency. Moreover there are problems with the air quality in inner city areas especially due to a high concentration of NOx, particulate matter and noise levels.

Trendsetter Stockholm focus on

  • Demonstrate the possibilities of using clean vehicles on large scale.
  • Implement push/pull measures to create a market for clean vehicles
  • Improve logistics in goods transport
  • Improve traffic flow by innovative means such as adaptive signals and trip planning
  • Increase the attractiveness of public transport
  • Provide an infrastructure for renewable fuels.

Many of the city's activities are directed towards commercial traffic and heavy-duty vehicles.

Targets for Trendsetter Stockholm

  • Reduce annual CO2 emissions by 9 300 tonnes by 2005
  • Reduce annual NOx emissions by 70 tonnes by 2006
  • Reduce annual particulate emissions by 1 850 tonnes by 2005
  • Reduce the share of residents exposed to noise exceeding maximum levels to 10 % within the environmental zones
  • Increase the number of public transport passengers by 100,000 by 2005
  • Increase the number of clean vehicles to 5,000 by 2005
  • Replace 2,5 % of the entire diesel fuel consumption in Stockholm County withbiogas byyear 2005
  • Increase cooperation with other European Cities

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