Restricting and Improving Heavy Transports


Restricting access for heavy vehicles and introducing and improving bus lines. This is the core of Trendsetter Prague.
Prague has a high concentration of both political and economic administration, industry, trade, education, research as well as tourism. This requires serious efforts of enhanced traffic management. One of the biggest problems is the very fast increasing number of private cars, which more than doubled since 1990. A new traffic policy is based on the preference for public transport, development of traffic infrastructure and regulation of car traffic, particularly in the centre of the town. Prague has introduced the restriction of the lorry access into inner city (over 6t and 3,5t).
Wiew over central Prague


Trendsetter in Prague focuses on

  • Shift in modal split from private car transport towards public means of transport with emphasis on improving public bus service transport (using new and alternative approaches) to the same high level service as other means of transport (underground, tramways) in the City
  • Reduction of heavy transport (over 6 tonnes) in certain areas of the City and therefore reduction of traffic strain in these areas regarding some of the final stages of the City ring road construction

Target for Trendsetter Prague

In order to fulfil the transport vision, pledged by the city administration authorities in co-operation with the public and private sectors in the "Strategic plan for Prague" (adopted by the Municipal Assembly on 25 May 2000), several policies need to be handled. Among those most important there are raising the standards and competitivness of public transport in comparison with individual car transport, influence the level and style of car use to dramatically reduce the negative effects on the city's environment and to complete modernization of the transport and technical infrastructure in the effort to reach the condition of a reliable and
well-functioning city.
As a result, Prague will also obtain an increased co-operation with other European Cities and play a more active role in EU programmes and projects.

More information

Local manager Trendsetter Prague: Stenek Zuta,


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