Parking policies saves cultural heritage


Sensitive cultural heritage and rapidly increasing traffic due to increasing number of private cars, tourists and students. This made Trendsetter Pecs introduce parking and access restrictions.

The City of Pecs with 170 thousand inhabitants is a middle-sized cultural, educational, commercial and health centre 40kms from the Croatian border. The transition period resulted a huge demand for private car parking spaces and public transportation as, the number of cars and the number of tourists and students increased rapidly. In November 2000 the early Christian burial chambers received the UNESCO World Heritage title, providing new tasks for the municipality in the field of heritage protection and preservation.

Trendsetter Pecs focuses on

So far the main focus for Trendsetter Pecs is to introduce a car-free zone in combination with a zone-model parking-system with limited time parking and much higher prices than before.

Targets for Trendsetter Pecs

[listabulletbullet:Decrease the number of cars parking in Pécs city centre (20% decrease) - introduction of a car-free zone, introducing the parking concept, i.e. the zone-model parking-system with limited time parking and heavy prices.

  • Decrease air and noise (-3 dB(A)) pollution - limiting the number of cars accessing the centre with the above mentioned measures.

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