Large scale biogas introduction


Large scale introduction of biogas and increased use of public transport. That is the main focus of Trendsetter Lille.
Lille Metropole is an intercommunal structure (85 communes and 1,2 million inhabitants) working in close cooperation with its belgian counterparts. It is a base for distribution and a node for major routes north-south and east-west in Europe. Lille has built up a strong public transport network and the main problem is how best to develop the links this and international transport services.
Photo: Lille Municipality - Bus and tram at public transport junction


Trendsetter Lille focus on

Increasing biogas production and usage:

  • increasing massively the biogas production (locally from waste and sewage treatment ) up to 3 M Nm3 per year by 2005
  • 128 new clean busses in Lille Metropole fleet replacing diesel busses, adaptation of the bus depots and lines and construction of a new compression unit
  • 120 new clean vehicles in the staff pool and a new compression unit

Encouraging public transport use by introducing a combination of new infrastructure that improve quality and incentives:

  • 1 new High service Bus Route
  • 2 intermodal interchanges points
  • development of a pricing scheme for all PT, an integrated ticketing and specifications for a smart card system
  • increased PT safety and reliability
  • increase intermodality between the different PT means and between private cars / PT
  • development of an efficient co-operation between all PT authorities (local consortium)
  • company mobility plan for LMCU staff, development of a comprehensive approach on the metropolitan level between the requirements of mobility (cars, public transport and freight transport).

Targets for Trendsetter Lille

  • 85% clean public transport journeys in year 2005
  • Rise of 21% in PT passenger travels from 1998 to 2005
  • The clean vehicles fleets will permit to cut pollution:
    - reduction of fossil CO2 emissions up to 41,000 tons a year by 2005
    - reduction of NOx emissions up to 850 tons a year by 2005
    - reduction of particulate matters up to 26 tons a year by 2005
    - reduction of 50% of the bus noise level.

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