One Smart Ticket in Lille Metropole


Lille Metropole has a new integrated fare system for public transport. The next step is to replace tickets with smart cards. The goal is to make public transport more attractive. .
Smart Card for Public transport
Smart Card for Public transport
Public transport in Lille Metropole is carried out by four operators who used to have their own tariffs and ticketing system. Within Trendsetter, several steps have been taken to prepare for a single card which will allow seamless travel throughout the system:

  • A single pricing scheme for all public transport with fares based on travel length has been established.
  • All public transport operators have agreed to integrate their fare systems in this scheme.
  • The requirements of a smart card system in Lille, including technical, legal and financial aspects, have been specified.

The next step is to effectively introduce the smart card, which will simplify public transport travel and thus encourage car drivers to leave their car at home or at appropriate intermodal interchanges which are being built around the metropolis. This will also contribute to improved air quality. The system will further deliver valuable information about travel patterns, facilitating customer-oriented public transport service planning.

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